‘I slay!’: Beyoncé takes the Stadium of Light by storm, shrugging off the rain with her glittering magnificence and Lemonade’s brutalist rhythms

Beyoncé: no other female singer is currently as influential. Photograph: Daniela Vesco

“What’s the difference between Sunderland FC and Beyoncé? Only one can fill the Stadium of Plight,” one wag tweeted on Tuesday morning. Others wondered whether Sunderland, the first town to declare for leave in the EU referendum, would mistake the track Freedom, from Beyoncé’s current album, Lemonade, as a Brexit endorsement. But there were few such cynics among the near-capacity (tickets were still available, and selling for under face value before the show) crowd at the first European date of the Formation world tour.

Beyoncé has been opening her shows by advising audiences to shout “I slay!” – a canny way of spreading the fierceness. She is such a motherlode of confidence that she retired her Sasha Fierce alter ego several years ago because Sasha’s work was done: Beyoncé had integrated her private shyness and public forcefulness into the colossus Queen Bey, as she’s known to her Beyhive fanbase. No other female singer is currently as influential; she’s using her platform – and what a platform; the US leg of the tour grossed up to $11m a night – not just to sell her new Lemonade album, but to advocate for #blacklivesmatter, especially the lives of black women and girls, whose stories are in the fabric of Lemonade.

Beyonce performs during the Formation world tour at Stadium of Light. Photograph: Daniela Vesco

One thing she can’t control is the weather; it’s hard to credit that she would let a mere drizzle stop play, but she was 45 minutes late. When she appeared, in the first of a dozen spangled leotards and flanked by a battalion of dancers, she instantly got the crowd onside by commanding, “If you’re proud of who you are and where you’re from, say: ‘I slay’!”

Seeming at once imperious and near-approachable is her speciality. Performing Lemonade’s bitterest songs – Sorry and Don’t Hurt Yourself, which address her husband Jay Z’s unfaithfulness – she’s a pillar of rage; minutes later, she’s the proud mother, showing a picture of her daughter.

Even the interludes were heavy with concept. While she changed costumes, excerpts from Lemonade’s videos played across a large screen: here a razor blade emerges from her mouth, there she drives a monster truck, then her video image whispers: “Rest in peace, my true love.”

Beyoncé undoubtedly slays, whether by casually unfurling an early track, Me, Myself and I, that displayed her voice’s richness, or by maintaining an intimidating chill during the anti-police brutality track Formation. Then there was the moment during Freedom when she executed a heavy-limbed ballet in a tank of water – in short, she cannot be accused of neglecting the visual side of performance. There are times, though, when her glittering magnificence and the pounding, brutalist rhythms of the new album induced a desire for a moment’s respite.

There are unexpected moments of levity, however, and plenty of genuine smiles – during an a cappella version of Love on Top, sung while seated, she seemed sincerely delighted to be in the nippy north-east, with only pyrotechnics to ward off the chill.

Disgracefully, the glorious Crazy in Love and Bootylicious were dispatched in a three-minute medley towards the end, but that’s her royal prerogative. As the stadium slowly emptied, nobody looked to have been short-changed.


Japanese carmaker Toyota says it will recall 482.000 vehicles in the US over faulty airbags.

The cars affected are Prius models from 2010 to 2012 and Lexus CT models from 2011 and 2012.

Toyota and other carmakers have over the past years been rocked by millions of recalls over problems with airbags supplied by supplier company Takata.

In the current recall, Toyota does specify the manufacturer of the affected parts.

In a statement, the carmaker said the vehicles had an air bag inflator that could have a small crack in a weld which could widen over time.

The air bag could partially inflate and parts of the inflator could enter the vehicle interior, leading to “an increased risk of injury.”

The company said it was not aware of any injuries or deaths related to the recall.


Coffee served at normal temperatures is cleared of suspicions it causes cancer (AFP Photo/Francois Guillot )

Paris (AFP) – Drinking very hot beverages “probably” causes cancer of the oesophagus, the UN’s cancer agency said Wednesday, while lifting suspicion from coffee if consumed at “normal serving temperatures”.

“These results suggest that drinking very hot beverages is one probable cause of oesophageal cancer and that it is the temperature, rather than the drinks themselves, that appears to be responsible,” said Christopher Wild, director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

The agency reviewed more than 1,000 scientific studies on the possible cancer-causing properties of coffee and the popular South American herbal infusion mate.

Both had been classified as “possibly cancerogenic to humans” since 1991, when the last evaluation was conducted.

Evidence gathered since then suggested that neither drink could be linked to a higher cancer risk, said the agency.

However, there was some evidence that drinking these and other beverages at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius (150 degrees Fahrenheit) — may cause cancer of the gullet.

“Studies in places such as China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and South America, where tea or mate is traditionally drunk very hot (at about 70 C) found that the risk of oesophageal cancer increased with the temperature at which the beverage was drunk,” said the IARC.

“Drinking very hot beverages at above 65 C was classified as ‘probably’ carcinogenic to humans.”

The studies took into account factors that could have skewed assessment of the cancer risk, such as alcohol and tobacco use.

By Angela Stefano

Country fans are well aware of two distinct pieces of Miranda Lambert‘s personality: She’s sweet and sentimental — some of her biggest hits will bring you to tears, to say nothing of her penchant for rescuing all sorts of animals — but she’s also a sassy-as-all-get-out bada–. You believe her when she sings, “They say I’ll be okay / But I’m not going to ever get over you” … but you also believe her when she sings, “If he wants a fight, well, now he’s got one / And he ain’t seen me crazy yet.” And on her Keeper of the Flame Tour, fans get plenty of both sides of the country superstar.

On Thursday night (June 23), Lambert opened her show in Darien Center, N.Y., with a montage of strong country women — Bonnie and Clyde and Dolly Parton among them — set to Beyonce‘s “Run the World (Girls).” It was a fitting kickoff, as the singer launched into a one-two-three punch of “Fastest Girl in Town,” “Baggage Claim” and “Kerosene.” A rockin’ cover of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” followed the more introspective “Heart Like Mine” and “Bathroom Sink,” giving Lambert the opportunity to, essentially, tell the crowd, “It’s okay; we’re all a little messed up,” then rock out and forget about it.

And let’s be clear: Lambert rocks out. Throughout her whole set, she was striding over to her band members to let loose with them; inviting backup singer Gwen Sebastian (who wins the award for “Most Fun-to-Watch Backup Singer Ever”) to center stage to goof around; and making funny faces and emoting along with the lyrics. The big screens onstage caught one particular look, during “Mama’s Broken Heart” — a super-serious, “This is not cool”-type face that slowly turned into a small, crafty smile. Perfect.

“I want to say thank you so much for spending your hard-earned money on some country music tonight … We appreciate you so much,” Lambert told the crowd before asking them to “think about who you are and where you come from and what you stand for and all the good about yourself” during “All Kinds of Kinds.” Shortly before, she let the audience finish out “Over You” for her, holding out the mic and looking on approvingly as they sang the last few lines of the song; once again, the cameras caught a special moment: Lambert mouthing “I love you guys” at the very end.

On tour, Lambert surrounds herself with talent, from her band to her opening acts, and she offered them all a chance to shine, too, during her show: As the night began to wind down, Lambert’s crew pulled three stools and mic stands to center stage, and she invited Sebastian and Lucie Silvas — likely at the show to hang out with her husband, John Osborne, who’s opening for Lambert — to “pretend that we’re Martie [Maguire] and Emily [Robison] and Natalie [Maines]” and collaborate with her on the Dixie Chicks‘ “Cowboy, Take Me Away.”

“I have a real cute boyfriend; his name is Anderson East …,” Lambert shared with the audience, explaining that she’d recently spent some time in nearby Toronto, Ontario, Canada, watching him open for the Chicks and adding, “and I was totally fangirling out.”

Rather than spend her two-song encore onstage alone, Lambert was joined by opening acts Brothers Osborne and Kip Moore for two covers: “Willin’” and “Me and Bobby McGee.” During their own sets, both Brothers Osborne and Moore offered up high-energy performances and, gauging by the screams as their sets progressed, earned themselves some new fans.

Lambert’s Keeper of the Flame Tour runs through mid-September. Future dates and details are available on her official website.


rs_634x1024-160310052443-634-Kate-Middleton-Prince-William-St-Thomas-Hospital-London-JR-0310162016 er å snu seg å være en ganske dårlig år for verdens mest berømte par.

I løpet av de siste ukene Principe William og Kate Middleton har funnet seg involvert i sin første kongelige skandalen, takket være en rekke avsløringer om det overdådige livet de fører. Først lærte vi at William gjorde færre offentlige opptredener i fjor enn hans 94 år gamle bestefar. Og så dukket han fungerer bare halvparten av timer med en vanlig jobb (i sin rolle som en luftambulanse helikopter pilot). Hans offentlige opptreden i dag er bare en av en håndfull offisielle oppdrag i år.

Utgivelsen av nye bilder som viser William og Kate på en skiferie i de franske Alpene har ikke hjulpet. Mens her på E !, vi var opptatt fossende over 10 måneder gamle prinsesse Charlottes baby tenner, og Prince George er søt rød nese, den mektige britiske pressen i stedet bedt om William blir "for stor for hans snø støvler", og hvis han har vært "skrånende off" å oppfylle sine kongelige plikter. Det har vært en klar endring i tone og kritikken begynner å snøball (ahem ...). En avis var så irritert om uanmeldt ferie de dukket William ut av den søte familie bilde frigitt til offentligheten.