Nicki Minaj showed her assets in a lacy black dress with plunging neckline on Tuesday while holding hands with beau Meek Mill in another public outing.

The 33-year-old rapper was the centre of attention for the Los Angeles stroll in her tight sleeveless dress with lacy floral pattern that also featured a front thigh slit.

Nicki rocked a fringe and had the rest of her blonde hair gathered in a ponytail.

Going strong: Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill held hands on Tuesday while out and about together in Los Angeles

She accessorised with a white ring necklace and several bracelets and also carried a red purse.

Meek, 29, kept it casual in a grey T-shirt, blue jacket and jeans and added some bling with several thick gold chains.

The couple sweetly held hands as they made their way together to a vehicle. 

Good point: The Super Bass singer and Meek have been dating since early 2015

Nicki Minaj has had a roller coaster of a relationship with rapper Meek, sometimes saying they’re engaged and other times hinting they’re broken up.

The Super Bass singer made it clear on Monday that she was still with Meek in Instagram snaps taken inside a recording studio as the two were seen hugging.

This comes just before Nicki visited the Ace Of Diamonds nightclub in Los Angeles – a place Blac Chyna has frequented – with Meek where their friend Rae Sremmurd tipped a dancer $15,000.

They’re tighter than ever: Nicki held into boyfriend Meek while in a studio on Monday
Still going strong: The Anaconda singer said she is the rapper’s ‘girl’ even though he says she’s not

In a video obtained by TMZ, Rae is seen carrying stacks of $1 bills which he reportedly threw at stripper Malani Ca$h.

In the clip, Nicki and Meek are seen standing on the sidelines looking a bit bored as they gazed at the crowd.

It is not known if Nicki and Meek got close to any of the pole dancers.

Designer duds: Nicki showed off her low-cut black Alia top with straps and red Chanel chain link purse

Things were more upbeat earlier at the studio where Nicki showed off her black Gucci jacket, low-cut black Alia top with straps and red Chanel chain link purse.

The Anaconda star was showing off plenty of cleavage and leg for her night of revelry.

Also with the Bang Bang singer was rapper Lil Wayne, who last week had to emergency land his private jet twice in Omaha, Nebraska, when he suffered two back to back seizures.

The crew: The star was surrounded by musicians as well as Meek in the background

The star was then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Wayne looked to be in good spirits as he hung out with the crowd that included Cortez Bryant, Mack Maine and 2 Chainz.

Minaj, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago

Pals: Also with the Bang Bang singer was rapper Lil Wayne, who last week had to emergency land his private jet twice in Omaha, Nebraska, when he suffered two back to back seizures
Friends for eons: The blonde Other Woman actress said she missed Wayne
Crew: Wayne looked to be in good spirits as he hung out with the crowd that included Cortez Bryant, Mack Maine and 2 Chainz

Her parents Robert Maraj, a financial executive and part-time gospel singer, and Carol Maraj, also a gospel singer, are Trinidadians of African heritage.

As a child, Minaj and a sibling lived with her grandmother in Saint James.

Her mother had moved to The Bronx, New York to attend Monroe College and brought her husband six months later.

Making sweet music? Minaj showed off her curves in khaki shorts as she posed in front of the sound system
An album cover? They two both put on their Zoolander faces as they posed away

When Minaj was five she moved to Queens.

‘I don’t think I had a lot of discipline in my household. My mom motivated me, but it wasn’t a strict household. I kind of wanted a strict household,’ Nicki has said,

She graduated from LaGuardia High School in Manhattan and was cast in the Off-Broadway play In Case You Forget.

Rich and rebellious: The bad girl of rap added the hashtag Young Money For LIFE to this post

She waitressed for years then became a singer with Brooklyn group Full Force, in which she rapped in a quartet called The Hoodstars composed of Lou$tar (son of Bowlegged Lou), Safaree Samuels (Scaff Beezy) and 7even Up. 

This year Minaj will executive produce and appear in a scripted single-camera comedy series for ABC Family (now Freeform) based on her life growing up in Queens, New York.

A pilot episode was filmed in Minaj’s hometown in January.

Ariana Neal will play a young Minaj in the series, alongside Selita Ebanks (her mother), Wesley Jonathan (her father), and McCarrie McCausland (her older brother).

The fruits of fame: Nicki seemed happy with her favorite Gucci jacket


Erica First

We know the glam squads—the teams of stylists, hairdressers, manicurists and makeup artists who make the celebrities look perfect in public. We’re certainly familiar with the agents, management teams, publicists and lawyers, those entrusted to maintain a celebrity’s good name—and keep them working. And of course there are the trainers, the chefs, the drivers, the nannies and the countless others who lend a hand.

But what about the people who connect all the working parts, who keep a celebrity’s day running like the well-oiled machine that it needs to be so that they can focus on family, the set, the recording studio, the PR tour?

We’re talking, of course, about the personal assistants.

A celebrity assistant has to be more than energetic and thick-skinned, though both qualities presumably help when it comes to fulfilling a whim at a moment’s notice.

They have to be resourceful, creative, clever and organized—and, perhaps most importantly of all, discreet. Which is why you don’t hear much from them.

While hairstylists, makeup artists, etc. have more freedom to share their celeb-centric day-to-days on Instagram and get to tick off their famous clients in order to attract more business, assistants are appreciated for their quiet, almost entirely behind-the-scenes services.

We’ve talked to enough assistants, former assistants or friends of assistants over the years to know that plenty of celebrities are incredibly demanding and it can be exhausting attending to them—and that’s a reason why so many of these employee-employer relationships are short-lived. Moreover, the two sides often enter into strict confidentiality agreements that continue even after they no longer work together, hence so few non-anonymous accounts of what goes on behind closed doors.

Barry Wetcher/Twentieth Century Fox

Or, you can end up with a great boss and thrive under the pressure of working for an A-list star.

Patience, resourcefulness and the ability to pay attention to detail are three must-have skills to do this job well, says Erica First, who has been in this business for over a decade and has now worked for Debra Messing for more than three years. She met Messing on the set of Will & Grace while she was working for Alec Baldwin and he guest-starred on the sitcom, she and became friendly with the actress’ assistant at the time.

First lesson of the trade from the 34-year-old New Yorker: There’s no such thing as an “average” day.

“I embrace that challenge,” Erica tells E! News. “Each day begins with the emails that have come in and, as I start answering them, naturally there are interruptions or other tasks that come up, so multitasking is really important. I might be answering an email about one thing and then my phone will ring about another task that’s just as important, so it’s about being able to switch gears and stay focused.”


As her boss’ sole assistant, Erica handles all of Messing’s day-to-day affairs and is the liaison between the actress and her team.

“Sometimes it amazes me how many different people I speak with on a daily basis, but it keeps me on my toes, which is always a good thing,” she says.

Erica graduated from Syracuse’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications with a degree in Television, Radio & Film and, while she didn’t even really know while in school that this career track existed, she’s found that the multifaceted position suits her. Plus, she’s a writer on weekends, a creative outlet she appreciates since her day job is so focused on logistics.

“I also try to be active—I love riding Citi Bikes!” she mentions NYC’s bike-share program, which is also a favorite of celebs such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

And when the going gets rough…

Well, it doesn’t get that rough, because Erica is an experienced assistant who knows how to roll with the punches by now—and when she needs help, as a board member of New York Celebrity Assistants, she has a network of fellow assistants to reach out to.

Now in its 20th year, NYCA is a networking organization (there’s a Los Angeles branch too) that requires at least 18 months of full-time experience as a personal assistant to a “celebrity” (that can include actors, singers, artists, authors, athletes, politicians and other public figures) before you can apply. But once you’re in, you have camaraderie (albeit still confidential, per the requirements of the job), and also, perhaps even more importantly…



Twentieth Century Fox

“If I don’t have a contact in my personal little black book, I email my fellow members,” Erica tells me.

Asked if there was ever a time when she thought, perhaps, she just wouldn’t be able to get a task done, she says, “Never. OK, maybe. But I take my job very seriously and I don’t like to disappoint. I always say that the word ‘no’ is not in my vocabulary. A good example is when my employer wanted to hire a magician for a birthday party. I needed to find someone top-notch and needed some help so I turned to the NYCA.”

She sent some emails and “within 10 minutes I had more magicians’ names than I knew what to do with!”


“What seemed like a daunting task at first turned out to be simple and painless,” she continued. “That’s the great thing about this group. It’s like the best version of Yelp.”

But there had to have been some time when a request proved impossible, either in this job or one of her previous jobs, for whatever reason?

“Never,” Erica insists. “I get it done. And if I can’t, I know someone that can. Since I’ve been doing this for so many years, I have a contact for everything.”

One of her former employers needed to get a gift that was in New York to Toronto by the next morning—and they were in Los Angeles, “a logistical nightmare,” she recalls. “Since FedEx couldn’t guarantee an overnight delivery and Superman was busy on another job, I had to be resourceful. So here’s how it went: I quickly located the item and thought hard about who could help. I always manage to find someone and, I realized, I knew a guy. And luckily, he knew a guy who knew a guy. The gift was delivered on time.”

“It’s about being resourceful,” Erica also told me recently. “If she asks me for something, I never want to tell her no.”

And while the predictably unpredictable hours had us speaking or emailing at all different times of day, she definitely considers herself one of the lucky ones.

“I think that if you work for a good person and if you are challenged and they give you a lot of responsibilities, I think it’s a very stimulating job,” she says.

That attitude and her dedication has bred loyalty both ways, resulting in a fruitful working relationship.

“I like being a gatekeeper,” Erica says. “When you’re a celebrity, people want access. It’s my job to protect my employer and filter what comes in. Since I work for the best of the best, we are exposed to the best things the world has to offer, including beauty tips from renowned hair and makeup artists, styling ideas from the best Hollywood designers and stylists…

“And one really cool perk was when my boss surprised me with tickets to Hamilton.”

Well, that just about says it all these days.

Noah Syndergaard. Photo: Anthony Causi

Mets ace Noah Syndergaard’s luscious blond locks might suggest a high-maintenance routine — but he only uses two products at both home and on the road.

“I will take my shampoo and conditioner with me everywhere I go,” he tells The Post. “I have to maintain the hair.”

His wavy blond hair has become his trademark, and Syndergaard, along with teammate Jacob deGrom,recently landed a deal with Axe men’s products. But when it comes to cologne, he isn’t partial to the body spray that put the brand on the map.

“I do have some YSL cologne. [I’ve been using it] for about a year now,” he says. “Yeah, I gave up on the Sex Panther,” he says of the preferred cologne of the lady killers in Will Ferrell’s “Anchorman.”

The 23-year-old Texas native, who lives in an East Side pad with Mets outfielder Mike Conforto, suspects his roommate might be pilfering his supply of products on the sly.

“I have never caught him in the act,” he says. “He sees how good my hair looks, and he wants a taste of what it’s like.”

Next up for the 6-foot-6 pitcher is a small trim.

“It’s getting pretty messy. I got it cut right when I got to New York, which was about three months ago,” he says, stressing that he won’t be changing anything major. Nevertheless, he has mulled over celebrity inspirations.

“I don’t see myself getting a big haircut for a long time but if the time would ever come, I would have to go out with a pretty crazy hairstyle, [like] ‘the Boz’ [former Seahawks great Brian Bosworth’s flat top mullet combination]. I am sure when the time comes, I will pick his brain a bit.”

Another hair idol?

“Hulk Hogan. The mullet around the base of the head and the balding up top.”

And if baseball or hair model thing doesn’t work out, Syndergaard would make a great teacher.

Syndergaard, who’s also a Delta pitchman, visited PS 143 The Louis Armstrong School to promote the airline’s contest, where a fan can play catch with him at next season’s spring training.

The Thor lookalike turned a classroom into his own “Syndergaarden” where his lessons revolved around story time, arts and crafts, baseball 101 and recess.

“One kid asked me how I threw so hard. I told him to eat his green vegetables, listen to his parents and do his chores,” says Syndergaard.

Asked how he will spend all of those miles he complied throughout the season, he says he’s planning a fan boy sojourn.

“I’m definitely gong to be doing some traveling this off season,” he says. “Maybe to Ireland to be on the set of ‘Game of Thrones.’ ”

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Courtesy Gwen Stefani/Instagram

Skipping straight to the honeymoon phase! Gwen Stefani accompanied her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, to his home state of Oklahoma on Sunday, June 19, after ringing in his 40th birthday in Colorado and Los Angeles over the weekend.

The two lovebirds took a trip through Shelton’s farm to see his crops and then got on a speedboat to venture around Lake Texoma. The “Rare” singer, 46, documented their summer solstice trip via Snapchat.

After boating around, they stopped for a bonfire and to catch a glimpse of the “strawberry moon” on Monday night.

“Hi strawberry moon #honeymoon #rosemoon gx #Oklahoma 2016,” Stefani wrote on Twitter.

The full moon, which is also nicknamed “honey moon,” was dubbed “strawberry moon” by Algonquin tribe members because the bimonthly June occurrence marks the beginning of strawberry season. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Monday night’s moon was the first time the strawberry moon lined up with the summer solstice since 1967. It’s not expected to happen again until June 21, 2062.

Even before the lunar event, the “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” singers had a sweet weekend together.

On Saturday, Stefani helped Shelton celebrate his birthday by decorating their private jet and smooching him on stage at his concert in Colorado, where they also celebrated with a guitar-shaped cake.

“Happy birthday to my favorite person I ever met @blakeshelton gx ???#superbabe,” she added on Twitter, along with an adorable throwback photo of Shelton as a kid.

By  Sierra Marquina



Microsoft is making it easier for gamers who share the same passions or even gender to meet and play with each other online, a step toward curbing online harassment.

The company is adding a feature called “looking for group” that will allow Xbox Live gamers to use search terms to find players interested in teaming up on certain games.

For example, if a female “Halo 5” fan only wants to blast away aliens with other women, or a dad gamer doesn’t want any trash-talking during his “Killer Instinct” matches, they can use the new feature to search for compatible players online.

The “looking for group” feature will include pre-set search terms created by Microsoft, as well the option for users to make their own. It’ll be available this fall, along with the ability for Xbox Live players to form “clubs” that can be private or open to all.

“I think it’ll make safe spaces for people who are currently hesitant to go online,” said Shannon Loftis, head of publishing at Microsoft Game Studios. “If you can make an environment more predictable by knowing who you’ll be playing with and on what games, that’s a way more inviting experience.”

Loftis said the features will be moderated by both the public and by an internal enforcement team at Microsoft.

For years, online gaming communities have been criticized for harassment and exclusionary tendencies. While publishers such as Microsoft have rules in place to ban bad behavior on their online services, harassment continues to be prevalent in online games.

Loftis said the “looking for group” feature will make it more convenient for Xbox Live users to connect instead of utilizing online forums and social networks outside Xbox Live, which boasts 46 million members.



Super Bowl Champion quarterback Peyton Manning joined writer Jason Frakes to discuss his legendary career during the Courier-Journal Kentuckiana Sports Awards on Tuesday night. 6/14/16

The Kentucky Exposition Center transformed into a red-carpet venue Tuesday evening as more than 1800 people dressed to the nines attended the Courier-Journal Kentuckiana Sports Awards Banquet presented by Norton Health. Fifty-one athletes and coaches across 14 different sports received awards.

It was a night the athletes won’t soon forget — they shared a stage with Peyton Manning.

Manning was the guest speaker at the event dedicated to honoring the achievements of the top Kentucky and Indiana high school athletes.

The two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback spoke for nearly 40 minutes in a question-and-answer session with high school sports reporter Jason Frakes that covered a range of topics — his high school career in New Orleans, retirement (he’s becoming a New York Giants fan), Saturday Night Live appearances and the Kentucky Derby (he went seven years in a row when he was with the Indianapolis Colts).

Manning offered advice to the teenagers in the crowd, repeatedly telling them not to rush through high school or college. Every athlete, he said, should learn to slow down and appreciate the people supporting them. At one point, Manning reached into the left side pocket of his navy blue dress pant and pulled out his two Super Bowl rings.

“I’ll probably put these up in a week or so,” he told the crowd. “I don’t need these rings to remind me of the great relationships I’ve had.”

His message hit home for the athletes, many of whom just finished their high school careers. Of the athletes honored Tuesday night, 12 have committed to continue their athletic careers at universities in either Kentucky or Indiana.

Manual soccer star Emina Ekic won Metro Louisville Female Athlete of the Year during the Courier-Journal Kentuckiana Sports Awards. 6/14/16

University of Louisville commit and Manual High School soccer player Emina Ekic was named Kentucky Female Athlete of the Year. The attacker is already highly decorated; she was crowned Gatorade Kentucky Player of the Year and was a first-team All-State selection. Ekic led Manual to the Seventh Region semifinals while scoring 23 goals and 15 assists in her junior season for the Crimsons.

That’s quite the resume for a girl who can’t yet buy a lottery ticket. Clutching the sleek trophy tightly backstage, Ekic smiled shyly. “It’s definitely the new favorite.”

Fern Creek High School boys soccer coach John Pedro was awarded Kentucky Coach of the Year. Pedro, whose teams have won four consecutive Sixth Region titles, led the Tigers to a 20-5-1 record and their first-ever trip to the state tournament semifinals.

New Albany High School boy’s basketball coach Jim Shannon received the Indiana Coach of the Year award. In his 18th season, Shannon led the Bulldogs to Class 4-A state championship with a 27-1 overall record and a perfect 7-0 mark in conference play.

Rodjay Burns, a defensive back at Trinity, claimed the Kentucky Male Athlete of the Year award following a season that earned him first-team all-state distinction. Burns, who signed to play for Ohio State this upcoming fall, recorded 24 tackles (20 solo) and four interceptions. He was also a top wide receiver with 44 catches for 744 yards and 14 touchdowns. Burns averaged 12.9 yards on 15 punt returns, including an 83-yarder for a touchdown.

New Albany boy’s basketball star Romeo Langford was awarded Indiana Male Athlete of the Year. A first-team all-state selection, Langford averaged 29.3 points and 9.3 rebounds for the Bulldogs last season en route to the school’s first state championship since 1973. The 6-foot-5, 185-pound shooting guard is classified as the No. 2 recruit in the Class of 2018 by ESPN. Langford is fielding offers from schools including Louisville, Duke, Kentucky and Kansas.

Volleyball player Marissa Hornung took home Female Athlete of the Year for Southern Indiana at the Courier-Journal Kentuckiana Sports Awards on Tuesday night. 6/14/16

Marissa Hornung, a Providence High School volleyball player, was named Indiana Female Athlete of the Year. A Class 3-A all-state selection, Hornung led the Pioneers in kills and aces on the way to their third straight state title and a new school mark for wins. voted Hornung its 2015 National Sophomore of the Year. The outside hitter verbally committed to play for Purdue.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to represent not only all the female athletes in Indiana, to be able to say that I received this award and I’m able to benefit the Providence community on their behalf,” Hornung said. “Next year I’ll be back.”


Våren er her , i henhold til Kate Middleton nyeste chic look , som hun debuterte under et besøk til ungdommen veldedighet XLP med mann prins William. De to turnert London – baserte organisasjonen fredag ​​å lære om sin XL Mentoring program og møtte med frivillige og deltakere . Kate hadde på seg en rød og hvit tweed sjekket langermet topp og matchende knelang a-linje skjørt fra Eponine Londons vår / sommer 2016 kolleksjon. Hun paret utseendet med svarte pumper og en matchende clutch . Den skreddersydde motemerket er relativt ukjent, men takket være hertuginnen , sannsynligvis ikke for lenge.


Med en overflod av fem – stjerners hotell og Michelin – stjerne restauranter er det tydelig å se hvorfor Courchevel tiltrekker de rike 1850 resort, den mest elite av sine fire landsbyer , er der Kate og William er antatt å ha oppholdt seg i forrige uke Filmstjerne Brigitte Bardot bidratt til å sette den på kartet i 1960 og David og Victoria Beckham er også gjengangere


Mailonline avslørte i dag at hemmeligheten skidestinasjon for hertugen og hertuginnen av Cambridge var den vakre Alpine landsbyen Courchevel .
Det er et skianlegg i Savoie-regionen i det østlige Frankrike som kommer med en viss eim av eleganse , glitter og glamour.
Og med en overflod av fem - stjerners hotell, Michelin - stjerne restauranter og designerbutikker , er det tydelig å se hvorfor "lekeplass av oligarkene ' lokker A-liste kjendiser og kongelige .
Den høyeste og mest elite av sine fire landsbyer er 1850, hvor Kate og William er antatt å ha oppholdt seg , og også der Russlands super elite kommer hvert år for en pulveraktig flukt .
Anlegget har også egen flystripe midt i bakken , som ser dusinvis av private jetfly kommer hver dag i høysesongen.
Filmstjerne Brigitte Bardot bidratt til å sette den på kartet i 1960 og David og Victoria Beckham er stamgjester . Her er noen av årsakene.

Photo source: Flickr user Bip America/Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were recently rumored to have already walked down the aisle together and that Miranda Lambert allegedly reacted to the secret nuptials. Was Lambert jealous?

A new report has suggested that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton tied the knot in a secret wedding back in March. The alleged event took place in the country crooner’s Oklahoma ranch.

The report went on to say that fellow The Voice coaches, Pharrell and Adam Levine were in attendance, as well as other celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba.

After the report surfaced, OK Magazine via Hollywood Life claimed that Shelton’s former wife, Miranda Lambert, has reacted to the alleged secret wedding.

She [Lambert] took the high road and wished them well,” a source said to the publication. “She’s over him!”

However, a source said to Gossip Cop that the whole secret wedding story is nothing but a bogus. The insider reassured that the “two did not marry.”

Regardless of whether the lovely couple actually exchanged vows or not, there is no doubt that they are pretty serious with their relationship. In fact, Gwen Stefani showered her beau with love during his 40th birthday. She also supported him during his Colorado concert, where they kissed in front of the crowd.

Just recently, the lovebirds took an adventure through Shelton’s farm in Oklahoma. The pair visited Blake’s crops and tour around Lake Texoma.

The former No Doubt singer and her man finished the night with a bonfire while catching a glimpse of the “strawberry moon.”

“Hi strawberry moon #honeymoon #rosemoon gx #Oklahoma 2016,” Stefani tweeted.

However, the coming weeks might be a little rough for the pair, though, asGwen Stefani will hit the road for her This Is What The Truth Feels Like tour, which will begin on July 12. Blake Shelton is also has a lot of commitments and will return to the screen for the season 11 of The Voice.



Prins William av England tok i helgen med seg hele familien på skiferie til Alpene. Det var, ifølge The Sun, første gang de to smårollingene prins Georg og prinsesse Charlotte, kunne leke i snøen.

Men glade for å leke i snøen så det også ut til at mamma hertuginne Kate (34) og pappa prins William (33) var, for de startet like godt en snøballkrig til ære for fotografen.


William avverger neste forsøk fra Kate om å dynke han i snø, og det ser nesten ut som de er nyforelskede der de leker og flørter på skiferie.

– Veldig sjarmerende bilder av hele familien Cambridge på vinterferie. Det er hyggelig at William og Kate fortsetter tradisjonen, både med å dra på skiferie og å dele bilder med britene og resten av verden. Alltid spennende å se hvordan de kongelige smårollingene vokser til, sier TV 2s kongehusekspert, Kjell Arne Totland som også driver Kongebloggen.