LeBron James brings championship trophy to oyster bar

Compiled by Jerry McDonald


The Stanley Cup Trophy has long been known for making the rounds.

 It appears that if LeBron James has his way, the Larry O’Brien trophy will get the same treatment.
 James was spotted on an Instagram post enjoying himself at a Cleveland-area oyster bar over the weekend with the O’Brien trophy in tow, a reward for the Cavaliers’ seven-game win over the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

It remains to be seen whether James will stick around past this year, but the Finals MVP is free to negotiate with other teams, as is Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant.

James gambled on himself in 2014 and it paid off in a big way when he left Miami to sign with Cleveland, signing a one-year deal with a player option _ leaving himself open to the highest bidder each season.

According to ESPN.com, James’ base salary for the upcoming season would be $30.3 million. A four-year deal would earn James approximately $135 million.

If the NBA salary cap goes higher than expected, James’ income will only increase.

 Keep in mind that James signed a lifetime contract with Nike for a reported $1 billion.

So when James shows up at an oyster bar with the Larry O’Brien trophy, go ahead and assume he’s picking up the tab.

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